Metal Casting

We provide a variety of metal casting machine processes, including die casting, gravity casting, precision casting, sand casting, low pressure casting, investment casting and non ferrous casting. The common metal cast materials compose aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc, brass, bronze, copper alloy, iron, steel, stainless steel, etc. Material selection is according to technical standards, including ASTM, ANSI, SAE, DIN and BS.

1. The actual casting process in metal casting has several forms, the most popular are die casting and gravity casting.
2. The metal parts of die casting have good durable, high dimensional stability and excellent heat resistant when maintaining close tolerances.
3. The gravity casting is one type of permanent mold casting, which has advantages of reusable mold, good surface finish, good dimensional accuracy and high production rates.
4. The process of metal casting involves melting metals at high temperatures and then using molds to shape the metal into new items.

Casting Process Flow Chart

Metal Casting Machine Process
Die Casting Gravity Casting Precision Casting Sand Casting
Low Pressure Casting Investment Casting Non ferrous Casting

Materials of Metal Casting
1.Aluminum Casting 2.Zinc Casting 3.Brass Casting 4.Bronze Casting
5.Magnesium Casting 6.Stainless Steel Casting 7.Carbon Steel Casting 8.Iron Casting

Metal Casting Machine Post-processing
1. Heat Treatment: Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Softening, and Graphitization.
2. Machining:Turning, Boring, Drilling, Milling, Threading, Grinding, Cutting, Engraving, EDM Machining, Riveting.
3. Surface Treatment: Metal Polishing (Metal Mirror Polished, Brushed Metal Finishing), Shot Blasting, Sandblasting, Spray Painting, Powder Coating, Thermal Spraying, Anodizing, Chrome Plating, Nickel Electroplating / Electroless Nickel Plating, Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Copper Plating, Phosphorizing, Electrophoresis and Passivation.
4. Assembly: Stud, Steel Sall & Helicoil Inserts, O-ring, Gasket
5. Packing
6. Testing Report, Quality Control Report