Rotational Molding Machine

Rotational molding machine features a central oven and 1 or 2 carriages which, on request, are entered into the oven for cooking and then removed to a cooling station for cooling and extraction of the moulded parts. These installations require only limited operating space while providing increased loading capacity from the mould holding arms which are supported at the two ends.

Specifications of Rotational Molding Machine
Model Floor size Operating platform Biggest tank made
L(m) W(m) H(m)
CS-1000 3.5 2.5 1.6 × 150L
CS-1600 7.5 3.5 2.6 750L
CS-2000 9.5 4.5 3.1 1000L
CS-2500 12 6 3.8 2500L
CS-3000 13.5 7 4.3 4500L
CS-3500 15 8 4.8 7000L
CS-4000 17 9 5.4 10000L
CS-4500 18.5 10 6 14000L
CS-5000 20.5 11 6.1 20000L
CS-5500 22 12 6.6 25000L
CS-6000 24 13 7.5 35000L
CS-6500 26 14.5 8.5 40000L

Rotational molding Equipment

  • Manufacturers of fully automated and semi automated rotational molding equipment.
  • India. Diversified company, active in machinery and rotational molds. Design and manufacture of raw cotton pre-processing systems, double roller ginning machinery, lint cleaners, conveyor systems and bale presses for cotton gins. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
  • Manufactures rotationally modular molded polyethylene storage tanks and custom plastic products.
  • Shuttle machine

  • Manufacturers of rotary transfer machines, in-line shuttle machines, assembly machines, laser welding systems, laser centers.
  • Rotational Molding Machine