Sand Blasting Machine

Sand blasting machine for you to choose the soda and abrasive in seconds. Recommend safe, Chemical-Free Stepping, harmless dry baking coda media for health.

Model Name 80Lbs Portable Sand Blasting Machine
Air Pressure Range 50-125 PSI
Max. Air Pressure 125 PSI
Air Consumption 6 CFM@50 PSI/25CFM@125PSI
Media Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda) or Abrasive Media

Portable Sand Blasting Equipment

  • Abrasive blast, blast cabinets, dust collector, blast booth, portable sandblast, soda blast, blast room, air compressors.
  • India. Manufactures surface preparation and abrasive blasting equipment. Range includes portable and vacuum blasters, blasting cabinets and rooms, dust collection units, and selection of abrasive media.
  • Advanced auto and manual sand blasters supplied, installed and maintained.
  • Portable Sand Blasting Machine

  • Turkey. Design and manufacture of manually operated and automatic washing, squeezing, drying and ironing machinery for the denim industry. Also, rodeo and sand blasting machines. Technical information. English and Turkish.
  • Production polishing and finishing facility featuring sand blasting, epoxy filling, mass finishing, hand polishing and automated finishing services.
  • Manufactures portablepressure blast machines, blast cabinets, blast rooms, vacuum blast equipment, soda blastmachines, plastic media blast systems, recovery systems, and bulk blast units.
  • Sand Blasting Equipment

  • Advanced auto and manual sand blasters supplied, installed and maintained.
  • Provides sand art supplies including colored sand, bottles, and kits.
  • Turkey. Manufacturers of machinery and equipment for industrial laundry and textile finishing applications. Washing, dyeing and drying machinery. Also, textile samplers, sand blasting and water extraction machines. English and Turkish.
  • Sand Blasting Machinery

  • Manufacturer of dry ice blasting equipment. Replaces grit blasting in cleaning rubber molds. Cleans molds still hot on-line without added waste or damage to molds.
  • Provider of garnet and baking soda blast abrasives and equipment for industrial abrasive blasting applications such as waterjet cutting, soda blasting, water blasting, sandblasting, coatings removal, coal washing and other applications.
  • Taiwan. Drum sanding machines, curve and straight copy sanding machines, furniture sanders, dust collectors.
  • Sand Blasting Machine